Tomorrow's Skills Agenda: 5 Predictions for the World of Work in 2020

How to Retain Healthcare Workers

What is the Difference Between Job Training & Workforce Development?

How to Support Older Workers with Training Opportunities

Top Skills Your Workers Will Need in 2020

How Training Can Meet the Challenges of the Hospitality Industry

Will a Skills Gap Impact Your Industry in 2020?

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Improving People Skills in Middle-Skilled Workers

How Manufacturing Facilities Can Achieve Safety Through Training

Are Apprenticeship Programs the Future of Education?

3 Secrets to Build a Strong Healthcare Team

How to Develop Leaders in Middle Skills Professions

Career Pathways in Healthcare

Meet Medical Billing & Coding Graduate, Destini

Veterinary Technician Certification Offers Opportunities to Help and Heal

Why Smart Staffing Firms Are Training Associates

An Opportunity Builds in the Construction Skills Gap

Church's Chicken Graduate Earns Promotion in Addition to a Diploma

Graduate of Online Veterinary Academy Joins VCA Animal Hospital as Veterinary Technician

Training Skilled Trades Workers in Luxury Hospitality

5 Best Practices for Implementing a Successful Workforce Development Program

How to Hire for the Healthcare Boom

6 Reasons to Invest in Employee Development and Career Pathways

What is the Key to Upskilling?

How Employbridge is Fighting Record-Low Unemployment Rates

3 Ways to Advance Your Mechanics

Vote for Penn Foster's SXSW Panel & Join Our Movement

What Skills Do Workers Need for the Future?

It Takes a Veterinary Health Care Team

Training Workers in Customer Service

What Manufacturing Employers Can Do Now to Fill Jobs

Is Your Practice Prepared to Meet Clients' Needs?

How Will the Gig Economy Shape the Future of Libraries?

Writing Job Postings to Attract the Right Talent

How Can Your Business Be More Like IBM and Microsoft?

Skills Gap Deniers Suffer From A Narrow Definition of What the Skills Gap Is

The Evolving Role of Libraries in the Upskilling of Local Communities

The True ROI of Company Sponsored Learning

The Future is Solar

How Does Online Learning Work for Working Learners?

2019 Commencement: Celebrating Outcomes and Learner Achievement

Veterinary Practices Increase Profits with Training

Help Employees Balance Work, Life, and Learning

The Cure for the Healthcare Skills Gap

Valuing Competency: How Businesses Thrive in the Skills Economy

Opportunity Summit 2019: Reimagining Workforce When Our Future is Right in Front of Us

How to Grow Employees for Success

Employers: Setting Clear Expectations for New Hires Saves You Money

Bending the Arc of Potential: Creating Economic Mobility Through Innovation at the ASU GSV X Summit

Upskilling 2.0: The Rise of Working Learners and Learning Workers

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Celebrating the Red Rock Job Corps Penn Foster Graduates

4 Insights from SXSWEDU 2019 on Closing the Skills Gap

Why Middle Skills Employers Should Care About the Labor Force Participation Rate

At SXSW EDU, Penn Foster to Tackle the Skills Gap and Talent Development

Companies that are Revolutionizing Skills Training in Detroit

The Real Impact of Automation: A Skills Revolution

How to Reduce Churn Among Retail Employees

How Businesses Can Address America's Reskilling Challenge

How to Become a Leader of Workforce Development

5 Ways You Can Retain Employees You Upskill

3 Ways to Stay Competitive in the 2019 Hiring Market

The Role of Public Libraries in Upskilling and Workforce Development

Manufacturers Look for Ways to Close Increasing Skills Gap

Perdue Farms Celebrates First Penn Foster High School Graduate

Want to Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap? Think Digital Certificates.

Help Employees Build Customer Service Skills

What Types of Learning Analytics Should your Training Provider Offer?

How Apprenticeships Are Helping Close Today's Skills Gaps

How Businesses and Organizations Battled the Skills Gap in 2018

Are Your Employees Promotion Ready?

3 Ways Education Benefits Build Better Employees

National American University Celebrates First Class of Penn Foster High School Graduates

Do Your Employees Need a Skills Bootcamp?

How to Build a Great Veterinary Health Care Team

Mapping Out Retail Career Pathways

Graduate Your Employees with Honors: Collegiate Training for Today’s Industrial Workers

The Future of Work for Middle Skills America

How to Get Your Apprenticeship Program Approved by the DOL

At Penn Foster, Every Week is National Apprenticeship Week

How Practices Can Best Utilize Veterinary Technicians

Phoenix Rising YouthBuild: Rising to the Occasion

YouthBuild Turns 40: A Rich Past Lays Framework for Bright Future

How to Staff the Staffing Companies

Staffing World 2018: Where Leaders in Staffing & Workforce Solutions Come Together

You Buy It, They Fix It: How to Meet the Growing Demand for Appliance Repair Technicians

The STRIVE Institute: Creating a Vision for the Business of Empowerment

How to Keep Middle-Skills Tech Employees

Apprenticeships in Today's Labor Market

Hire for Qualities and Train Your Way

How to Change Employee Mindsets to Improve Performance

Taking Inventory of the Widening Skills Gap in the Retail Industry

Survey Says Apprentices are the Most Career-Ready

Forget Skill Sets: Why You Should Hire for Character Instead

Unlock Potential with New Locksmith & Home Security Technician Program

How to Build a Robust Workforce Development Program

How to Support the Working Learner

The Prescription for Success: New Program Seeks to Address Growing Pharmacy Technician Field

How To Create a Learning Pathway for Your Employees

The Case for Tuition Assistance

Email Unsubscriptions: A Best Practice Checklist for Career College Marketers

2018 Summer Solstice: The Solar Industry is Looking Bright

How to Build a Culture of Safety for Workplace Safety Month

The Future Role of Apprenticeships in Manufacturing

Penn Foster Graduates Take Their Next Career Steps in a Hot Job Market

Is a 4-Year Degree for Everyone?

How Can The Trucking Industry Combat a Growing Labor Shortage?

Are Millennials Changing Manufacturing?

Survey Shows Top Workforce Challenges in Skilled Trades

News on Unemployment Positive, but Let's Not Celebrate Yet

Congratulations to New Penn Foster High School Grads from Chicago CRED!

Meeting the Opportunity of the Solar Power Industry

How to Measure the Impact of a Training Provider

How Demand for Middle Skills is Shaping the Labor Market

Industry in Review: Employer’s Increase Investment in Training & Development

The Importance of Upfront Training for New Front Line Supervisors

Penn Foster Partners with Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy to Transform the Lives of At-Risk Students 

Dynamics of the Workforce Development Industry: An Interview with Frank Britt

Workforce Participation: A Missing Link in Closing the Skills Gap

Beyond the Call of Duty: Penn Foster’s Success Center Nominated for Contact Center of Excellence Award

How Can Staffing Firms Do Their Part to Help Close the Skills Gap?

Ready, Set… Goals! How Setting Goals Can Boost Employee Performance

Making the Case for Apprenticeship in an Evolving Labor Market

How Businesses Can Leverage Tax Cuts to Invest in Employee Development

February Job Report Signals an Even Stronger Reason to Tackle the Skills Gap

The Key to Front Line Success

The Middle Skills Training “Awakening”

New Program Seeks to Close Front Line Supervisor Training Gap

Looking to increase your workforce’s productivity? Discover how soft skills training can help!

Heading Towards a Work + Learn Future to Fix “A Nation Upside Down”

5 Ways to Make Sure Your College’s Emails Don't End Up in Spam

What Penn Foster Students Who Made the Jump to New Careers Can Teach Employers

The Future of Education: Takeaways from the 2018 LearnLaunch Conference

The Skills that Matter: What a DXL Employee Can Teach us About Soft Skills Training

Why Your Company Needs to Focus on Developing Frontline Supervisors

Innovating for Academic Achievement: LearnLaunch Institute’s 2018 Across Boundaries Conference

Got Skills? Lessons For Detroit on Talent from the world of Amazon and Jazz

Earning the CDA Gold Standard: What This Means for Employers and Students

Retail is Detail: Important Details From This Year's NRF Foundation Gala

Following Your Passion: When is the Right Time to Jump?

Five Findings on Today’s Successful Adult Learners

The Digitalization of the American Workforce: What it Means for Employers Today

The Skills to Succeed in Charles Dickens’ Time, and Ours

Celebrating a Year of Student Success!

3 Workplace Trends to Watch for in 2018

The Importance of the Veterinary Practice Manager: A Q&A with Dr. James Hurrell

How Community Colleges are Expanding Course Offerings & Reaching More Students

Church’s Chicken Creates Career Advancement Opportunities with Stride for Success Program

How Effective Learner Support Can Improve Outcomes in Employee Training Programs

Colleges Can Help Close the Skills Gap with Career-focused Diploma, Certificate and Degree Programs

Five Steps to Develop an Employee Soft Skill Training Program - Part 2

The Future of Staffing: Perspectives from the 2017 Staffing World Expo

Top Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Retail Supervisor

Five Steps to Develop an Employee Soft Skills Training Program - Part 1

Penn Foster Joins Leaders in Staffing and Workforce Solutions at 2017 Staffing World

Three Key Skill Sets to Cover in Your Home Care Program

What’s Next for U.S. Manufacturing? Industry Leaders Weigh In

The Mark Twain-ing of American Manufacturing

3 In-Demand Career Programs to Help Job Seekers Get Employed Quickly

How Your Career College can Effectively A/B Test with a Small Send List

3 Ways Today's Apprenticeships Differ from Those of the Past

Three Things We Learned From the August Jobs Report

Four Ways to Improve your Career School’s Email Nurture Series Today

While Unemployment Rate Decreases, Skills Gap Remains

RemX Upskills its Associates with the Better WorkLife Academy

Three Ways to Expand Learning and Development Opportunities for Frontline Supervisors

Dorothy Stoneman Scholarship Aims to Provide Opportunity Youth with College and Career Pathways

Penske Truck Leasing Upskills its Workforce with Multi-Level Technician Training

How Career & Technical Education Can Benefit All Students

3 Ways for Career Colleges to Attract More Students

How to Run a Successful Apprenticeship for Your Employees & Your Business

Bridging the Gap: How Schools & Youth Organizations Value Soft Skills Training

Three Takeaways from Penn Foster’s Survey on Soft Skills in the Workplace

The Benefits of Coupling Career-Focused Education with Business Skills

The Apprenticeship Guide: Registering Your Apprentice Program with State and Federal Agencies

The Apprenticeship Guide: 5 Tips for Launching Your Own Apprentice Program

3 Takeaways from CECU 2017

“The Apprentice” For America: U.S. to Build Workforce with Apprenticeships

3 Types of Academic Programs that Can Get Job Seekers Employed Quickly

The Apprenticeship Guide: Why Combining Online Learning with Apprenticeship is a Game-Changer

The Troubling Erosion of Trust between Youth and Established Support Systems

For the First Time in 200 Years, the Future of Education is Shifting

Four Topics to Cover when Training a First-Line Retail Supervisor

The Apprenticeship Guide: Altering the Perception of Manufacturing in the U.S.

Top Takeaways from ASU + GSV Summit 2017

The ROI of Soft Skills Training Is Probably More Than You Think

Introducing: Skills Forward Roadtrip

Forward Thinking Careers: Veterinary Assistant

The Apprenticeship Guide: Why Developing Talent from Within is Great for Your Bottom Line

Witnessing Innovation at the Spark Point

Youth Organizations Can Increase College Placement Rates by Offering Dual Enrollment High School Programs

Three Reasons Why Certified Veterinary Technicians are Essential to Every Veterinary Practice

Youth Unemployment: Recent Study Findings

The Salvation Army: A Major Player in Ending America’s Skills Gap?

Study Shows: The Perception of Online Education is Changing

Why Employers Should Focus on a Candidate's Potential When Hiring

Forward Thinking Careers: Virtual Assistant

Closing the Loop on Employer Expectations and Job Seeker Skills

What Is the Role of Higher Education in American Manufacturing?

How Blended Learning Can Promote Equity and Inclusion

The Landscape of the Future Skills Economy

How Millennials Are Changing the Workplace Learning Landscape

Discover 3 Ways to Improve College and Career Readiness at NSBA 2017

The Role of Technology & Training in the Resurgence of U.S. Manufacturing

How Career Colleges Can Increase Retention and Graduation Rates by Offering Remediation

How We Can Help Encourage More College Enrollments

Forward Thinking Careers: Pharmacy Technician

Why Are Employers So Challenged to Find the Skills They Need?

The True American Workforce

Help Wanted: Combating the Home Health Aide Shortage

Investing in L&D, Part 4: Improve Retention, Customer Experience & Efficiencies

Forward Thinking Careers: Security Guard

The Skills that Set Candidates Apart Today

Why a High School Diploma Program is a Good Alternative for Students Struggling with High School Equivalency Exams

Forward Thinking Careers: Guest Service Agent

Education Deserts: What They Are & What We Can Do About Them

Investing in Learning & Development, Part 3: Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Forward Thinking Careers: Home Health Aide

Creating an On-Demand Individualized Skills Solution

Three Ways to Incorporate Digital Badges into a Career-Focused Curriculum

3 Tips for Creating Articulation Agreements with Local Colleges

Investing in Learning & Development, Part 2: Boost Morale and Build Brand Culture

How Youth Organizations Can Take Advantage of Credit for Prior Learning to Drive College Placement Rates

Achieving Historic Distance Education Success Through Championing Student Support

Investing in Learning & Development: Its Crucial Role in Solving the Skills Crisis

The Top 10 FosterEDU Blog Articles from 2016

Adult Learning in America: What the Experts Have to Say About Non-Traditional Students

All We’ve Achieved Together in 2016

How Skill-Building Solutions are Boosting WIB Effectiveness

Addressing the Confidence-in-the Future Gap with a Company Mission that Matches the Moment

Prepare Students to Avoid These Common Job Interview Blunders

Honoring an Army Veteran, Father, and Exemplary Student as Graduate of the Year

Why Recent Labor Trends Demand Youth Organizations Offer Students Access to Postsecondary Credentials

How JWF Industries Uses Apprenticeship Programs to Upskill its Workforce

How Career Schools Can Boost Recruitment Heading Into 2017

How a Kansas Detention Center is Using an Online High School Program to Prepare Inmates for Post-Incarceration Success

How to Help Students Understand Plagiarism

Why We’re So Thankful for Education this Holiday Season

Three Ways Offering a High School Diploma with Career Concentrations can Enhance Outcomes

Educating America’s Workforce Requires Government, Educators and Employers

What Adult Learners Want From a Career College

The Integrity of Online Proctoring

Penn Foster High School Receives AdvancED Accreditation

Help Your Students Feel More Confident and Motivated at OSBA 2016

OECD Report Provides Insight on NEETs and Solutions to Support At-Risk Youth

Why Our Country Must Keep Pushing Forward on Education

The Importance of Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators

Beyond Empowerment: Engaging Opportunity Youth Through a Team Effort

3 Steps Youth Organizations Can Take to Better Develop Career-Ready Students

How “Non-Traditional Students” are Changing the Face of Education

Improving Student Outcomes through Innovation at CAPPS and CCST 2016

6 Tips for Fostering Millennial Success: Overcoming the Hype and Misconceptions

Education Technology and the Modern Learner

Celebrating National Vet Tech Week: A Thank You Note to our Partners

Bridging the Gap: Discover 4 Key Strategies to Enhance Workplace Readiness

4 Learnings on Competency-Based Education from the 2016 Close It Summit

The Top 10 TED Talks All Educators Should Watch, Part 2

Looking Ahead: Education Trends Projection for 2017

How Stackable Credentials Can Improve Outcomes for Opportunity Youth

The Top 10 TED Talks All Educators Should Watch, Part 1

The Shift: Competency-Based Learning to Take Center Stage at 2016 Close It Summit

Guide High School Students to a Stable Career With These 4 Tips

Takeaways from the 2016 NJCA Leadership Training Summit: The Keys to Building a Stronger, More Innovative Youth Workforce

What We’re Looking Forward to on the 2016 Career College Conference Circuit

How a Goodwill Center is Helping the Local Economy

The Choice is Yours Participants Encouraged to Dream Big at Penn Foster Graduation

How Guidance Counselors and Teachers Can Play a Role in Reducing Absenteeism

3 Ways Stress Negatively Affects Student Performance

Thought Leadership Roundtable: Bringing Workforce Development into the Spotlight with JEVS

Learning, Technology, and the Workforce: A Discussion with an Industry Leader

Developing a Career-Ready Workforce, Part 4: Four Ways Your Organization Can Encourage Power Skills Development

NJCA 2016 Leadership Summit: Charting a Course for a Stronger, Innovative Youth Workforce

Celebrating New Partnerships: BluePearl Brings Education to its Employees

Church’s Chicken is Serving Up Education to its Team Members with Penn Foster

Achieving Impact At Scale: Penn Foster Wins Tyton Growth50 Award

Employers are Demanding Soft Skills: 3 Things We Learned from LinkedIn’s Latest Member Analysis

Helping Opportunity Youth Gain Access to Postsecondary Education

5 Metrics to Help Predict Your Students’ Success

Developing a Career-Ready Workforce, Part 3: The Foundational Value of Workplace Competencies

Key Features Your Admissions Team Needs in a CRM Solution

How Organizations of All Kinds Can Support High School Dropouts

How to Help Students Cultivate Interest in In-Demand Careers

3 Tips for Teaching Smartphone Etiquette to High Schoolers

4 Reasons Your Workforce Board Should Have a Blog

Checking In on Project YouthBuild

Win the Battle for Talent: 3 Strategies for Reducing Employee Turnover

Developing a Career-Ready Workforce, Part 2: Five Personal Effectiveness Skills to Look for in Your Employees

Exclusive: Discover New Data on the Retention Strategies of Leading Restaurant Brands

Exploring Blended Learning Best Practices with YouthBuild USA

5 Rules of Job Search Etiquette for the Digital Age

3 Ways Blended Learning Programs Can Benefit Instructors

4 Ways for High Schools to Support Students Facing External Responsibilities

How Your Career College Can Make a Career in the Skilled Trades More Enticing to Women

Developing a Career-Ready Workforce, Part 1: Understanding Power Skills and their Role in the Workplace

Career Centers: 4 Ways to Better Understand Your Community's Needs

How to Help High School Students Develop Good Post-Graduation Work/School Balance

How High School Diploma Programs Support Offender Reentry

Penn Foster Introduces Common Core Aligned High School Courses

5 Tips to Attract Homeschooled Students to Your Career School

Why We Need to Democratize Corporate Training Now

3 Key Themes from the First Annual Jobs for the Future Summit

4 Tips for Career Schools to Adapt to Changing Student Needs

4 Ways New Hires Struggle (And What You Can Do About It)

4 Characteristics of Every Great QSR Hourly Employee

4 Ways for Quick Service Restaurants to Improve Employee Confidence

OACCS 2016: The Value of a Second Chance

5 Must-Have Elements for a Successful High School Reentry Program

3 Companies That Are Giving Back with Philanthropic Marketing

Best Blended Learning Practices: What Career Schools Need to Know

5 Recruiting Trends Continuing to Grow in 2016

Improve the Reach of Your Career Center by Hiring Bilingual Employees

How We Can Make CTE More Efficient and Effective - Part III, Filling the Middle Skill Jobs of Today and Tomorrow

How to Keep High School Students Motivated & Engaged Until the End of the Year

The Keys to Restaurant Employee Retention, Part 3: Engagement

Excel Made Easy: Using Trailing Averages Charts to Quickly Understand Your Business

How to Improve Your Career Center’s Search Rankings

The Keys to Restaurant Employee Retention, Part 2: Development

How We Can Make CTE More Efficient and Effective, Part II: CTE at the High School Level

How Businesses Can Help Develop the Next Generation of Workers

The Keys to Restaurant Employee Retention, Part 1: Recognition

4 Ways to Encourage Local Businesses to Hire Your Youth Program’s Participants

Four Tips on Implementing a Successful Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program at your Company

How to Use Social Media to Attract Youth to Your Workforce Board

How We Can Make CTE More Efficient and Effective - Part I

Celebrating Success at New Hampshire Job Corps

2016 Southwest Pathways Conference: Positioning Opportunity Youth for Educational and Career Success

7 Tips to Attract More Clients and Drive Outcomes at Your Workforce Board

Help First-Generation Students Succeed With a Soft Start program

2016 YouthBuild NDA Meeting: 3 Sessions We Can’t Wait to Attend

The Time is Now for Blended Learning - Part 4

3 Things We’re Looking Forward to at the 2016 Southwest Pathways Conference

The Time is Now for Blended Learning - Part 3

Top 3 Highlights from the NSBA 2016 Annual Conference

Three Ways to Make Evening Classes More Appealing to Career College Students

Excel Made Easy: Three Tips That Can Turn You Into an Excel Pro

The Time is Now for Blended Learning - Part 2

5 Growth Programs for Your Career College

The Time is Now for Blended Learning - Part 1

Learn How to Serve At-Risk Students in a New Way at NSBA 2016

Youth Organizations: Best Practices for Organizing a College & Career Fair

Discover How to Attract & Retain Your Top Employees

3 Reasons Employers Should Hire Career College Graduates

Reaching Success: Church’s Chicken Celebrates First 3 Graduates from Stride for Success Program

Three Key Takeaways from NAWB, The Forum 2016

Gratitude and Fortitude: Lessons from Pima Medical Institute’s High School Completion Graduates

How Career Colleges Can Partner With Local Businesses to Expand Job Opportunities for Students

Why Companies Need to Prioritize Employee Development Programs

3 Ways to Foster School Spirit at Your Career College

NJCA 2016 Policy Forum: The Future of Education is the Future of Job Corps

5 Tips for a High-Impact Mentoring Program

3 Ways for Your Career College to Connect With Local High Schools

5 Reasons Qualified Students Are Choosing the Competition

Why Small Businesses Should Provide Education Benefits Too

3 Teaching Strategies to Support Students With Varying Learning Styles

How Educators Can Leverage Social Media

4 Ways to Encourage Employees to Stay & Grow at Your Company

What Career Schools Can Learn from the 2015 Survey of Admissions Directors

How Educators Can Empower Students to Enable Positive Outcomes

Learn the 8 Habits of Highly Successful Career Colleges

3 Innovative Companies Offering Extensive Employee Development Programs

How to Help Students Transition From the ICD-9 to the ICD-10 Coding System

QSR and Retail Employers: 4 Ways to Prepare Your Star Workers to Take on Managerial Roles

Leading Career School Director of Admissions Discusses 4 Challenges Facing Nontraditional Students

Project YouthBuild Chapter in Florida Celebrates New Success

Learn the Advantages of a Blended Learning Model

How to Implement a Risk-Free Trial Program at Your Career College

Reduce Turnover by Supporting Employees Who Want To Go Back to School

Why Companies Must Adopt a New Culture of Technology & Learning

5 Reasons Education Programs That Close the Skills Gap Are Good for Everyone

How High School Counselors Can Eliminate the Stigma of Career College

4 Strategies Quick Service Restaurants can Implement to Recruit & Retain Millennials

How to Use Social Media to Boost Enrollment Efforts

Know the Warning Signs of the Most Common Financial Aid Scams

Attract & Retain Good Employees With Employee Development Programs

How to Help Parents and Students Navigate the FAFSA Process

Redefining What it Means to be a Traditional Student

California Suspends the CAHSEE: What's Next for Students & Educators?

Top 10 FosterEDU Blog Articles of 2015

Penn Foster’s Rich History: 125 Years of Adapting to the Needs of America’s Workforce

‘Tis the Season to Reflect: Happy Holidays from Penn Foster to our Partners

Boost Enrollment by Offering 'Refresher' Courses in These 4 Fields

Investing in Your Entry-Level Workers through Upskilling

Zap Student Stress With These Tools & Resources

The Extended FAFSA Season: A Guide for High School Counselors

Breaking: President Obama Signs the Every Student Succeeds Act into Law

Training Pilots from the Ground Up: What All Employers Can Learn from JetBlue

Past & Present, Penn Foster Supports Women’s Education

3 Transportation Alternatives for Career College Students

Retailers: A Manager Training Program Makes Great Business Sense

3 Reasons Your High School Should Consider Offering a Dual Enrollment Program

Penn Foster in Action: Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta Celebrates Newest High School Graduates

What Services Should Your Career Center Offer?

A Day to Be Thankful For: A Letter from the CEO

Ensuring Student Success Through Technology: Key Findings from CAPPS, ACCET, and CCST 2015

How to Break the Unemployment-Enrollment Link

3 Ways to Get High School Students Thinking About College Before Senior Year

5 Reasons Career Colleges Should Offer a Concurrent ESL Program

Top 5 Takeaways from the White House Next Generation High Schools Summit

Three Takeaways from the NJCA Leadership Summit

How Teachers Can Help Students Transition Into Higher Education

What’s Missing from the College Completion Agenda that Could Benefit America’s Economy - A Path to Get There

4 Ways Guidance Counselors Can Help Students Reduce College Costs

Exploring Job Corps for the Future

Level Up: Understanding Metrics for Competency-Based Learning Q&A with Ray McNulty

Explore an Alternative Enrollment Strategy at CCST 2015

How to Improve Your Students’ Test-Taking Skills

6 Ways to Improve Parental Involvement in High School

Crowdfunding Education? What You Need to Know

Must-See Hershey Attractions to Visit When In Town for the ACCET Conference

How to Set High Expectations Without Discouraging Teens

Increasing Career College Enrollment Rates: 6 Steps for Effective Lead Nurturing

Year-End Goal of 25,000 High School Graduates

8-Point Plan to Help Students Succeed Despite Personal Hardships

Part II – Why Companies Need Demand-Driven Workforce Development Now

Top Takeaways from Higher Ed Investors’ Back to School Conference

How States are Re-Thinking Online High School

Why Companies Need Demand-Driven Workforce Development Now – Part I

Top Three Things We’re Looking Forward to at CAPPS 2015

How to Create a Campus Environment that Works for Students with Dependents 

The Cost of Hiring the Perfect Candidate vs. Training an Existing Employee

How Blended Learning Can Provide Meaningful Relationships For Students

Indiana is Investing in High School Students’ Futures

It Takes a Village: How Nonprofits Are Working to Improve Student Outcomes

4 Ways to Improve Outcomes for ELL Students

How Blended Learning Courses Can Help Career Colleges Better Serve Students’ Needs

Penn Foster Programs Then & Now

5 Effective Ways Career Colleges Can Improve Retention Rates

Will Raising the Legal Dropout Age Help Students?

How to Offer Student Loan Coaching to Ensure Gainful Employment Compliance

Success in Action: On-Campus with Blue Cliff College

Georgia and Ohio: At the Forefront of the Adult Ed Conversation

Recruit and Retain Quality QSR Employees With These 4 Initiatives

How To Improve Students’ Lives Through Community Collaboration

How More High Schoolers Are Earning Dual Degrees

125 Years: The Honor of Labor

Two-Year Degrees vs. Four-Year Degrees: Where's the Biggest Payoff?

Career Colleges: Provide Your Students With Experiential Learning Opportunities

How to Motivate First-Generation High School Students to Further their Education

New Breath of Life for the Youth PROMISE Act

It’s Time To Reimagine No Child Left Behind - Part II

FAPSC 2015 Conversations From the Field: Common Pain, Great Opportunity

Chipotle Offers Education Benefits. Should You?

5 Fears of Adult Students: How to Curb Back-to-School Phobia

It’s Time to Reimagine No Child Left Behind – Part I

Relationships Matter: Working Together to Improve the Lives of At-Risk Youth

Some of the Nation’s Top Corporations Just Did Something Amazing

Will California Finally Eliminate Its State Exit Exam?

FAPSC 2015: A New Enrollment Strategy to Generate Qualified Starts

4 Ways to Prepare for Gainful Employment and Improve Student Outcomes

A Closer Look at How the Guidance Counselor Crisis Affects Students

Are Recent College Graduates Succeeding? Results Are In

5 Skills Career Schools Need to Teach for Gainful Employment Compliance

How to Help First-Generation Career College Students Succeed

Beyond Tuition Assistance: 4 Ways Employers Can Support Continuing Education for Workers

3 Key Career School Strategies to Get Ready for Gainful Employment Compliance

How to Improve High School Graduation Rates within Latino Communities

How Job Corps is Combating the Dropout Crisis

What the Rising High School Graduation Rate Means for Career Schools

Free College Tuition for Chrysler Employees

3 Ways to Help High School Students Develop Career Literacy

Why Closing the Achievement Gap is Good for Business

5 Myths About Disadvantaged Youth

A Promising Case for Refocusing Your Enrollment Marketing Channels

How to Improve and Grow the Employee Talent Pool

3 Ways to Keep Your Students On Track to Graduate

Top Three Takeaways from APSCU 2015

How to Prepare Students for Post-College Career Success

Alternatives to Reauthorizing the Higher Education Act

Introduced PRO Students Act: Increasing For-Profit School Regulations

Forecast for Student Loans: Burdened for Life?

Fresh Start and Penn Foster Graduate 289 Former High School Dropouts

APSCU 2015: Why You Should Consider Alternative Enrollment Solutions

3 Changes High Schools With Low-Graduation Rates Should Implement Right Now

Career Colleges: Focusing on Student Outcomes Equals Success For All

How to Find the Right Career College Students

The Benefits of Summer School

Back, But Not By Popular Demand: Ability to Benefit

Survey Says: Top 3 Career School Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Waiting for Superman

Career Colleges: What Your Students Need to Know About How Loans Are Changing

Utilize Resources You Already Have to Make Implementing Your High School Completion Program a Breeze

Job Corps: Celebrating the Past with an Eye on the Future

6 Attributes of Successful High School Completion Students: Part 2

The Power of A Promise

Penn Foster Goes to Washington : The Job Corps 50th Anniversary Celebration

When Youth Succeed, We All Succeed

6 Attributes of Successful High School Completion Students: Part 1

What School Counselors Need to Know About Healthcare Career Opportunities

Why Free Community College Will Not Help Students Succeed

The 2015 ASU GSV Summit on Education Innovation Filled with Hope and Promise

How Career Colleges Can Help Promote Careers in STEM Fields

Why Are 17 Million People Not Cheering the Improving Unemployment Rate?

Top 5 Questions You Will Have About High School Completion Programs

How to Evaluate Job Candidates With Non-Traditional Backgrounds

Connect Prospective Students to Your Career School: Step 5

Renewing Hope and Confidence: One Job Corps Graduate at a Time

High School Graduation Rate on the Rise

Connect Prospective Students to Your Career School: Step 4

3 Things to Look for in a High School Completion Program

Spotlight on Thomas J. Foster, the Founder of Penn Foster

Connect Prospective Students to Your Career School: Step 3

Career Schools Industry Survey: Focus on Improving Recruitment in 2015

SXSWedu: The Future of Mobile Education

Connect Prospective Students to Your Career School: Step 2

Your Guide to What Your School President Will Be Asking You About a High School Completion Program

Educating the Workforce of the Future

Connect Prospective Students to Your Career School: Step 1

Implementing a High School Completion Program is Easier than You Think

The Adult Education Landscape

Using Data to Improve Retention Rates at Career Schools

Career School Industry Trends and Improving Student Outcomes

A Glimpse Into The Past: Penn Foster Celebrates 125 Years of Educating the Non-Traditional Learner

10 Staggering Facts about Education in America

Penn Foster’s High School Completion Program Guide and FAQs

Too Old To Disrupt?

Penn Foster to Help Shape the Future at SXSW Education Conference in Austin

The Evolving Role of Employers in Employee Education

YouthBuild 2015 Annual Conference: How to Connect the Dots

Celebrating National School Choice Week at Penn Foster High School

Reversing the Ripple Effect With High School & College Graduation

From Non-Completers to Model Students

Penn Foster High School: Combating the Dropout Crisis with Community Partnerships

125 Years Young & the Opportunity to Share Your Story!

Student Spotlight: Shatea Hill

Understanding These Students Can Help Generate Successful Student Outcomes

How to Make 2015 the Year of Student Outcomes

The New GED: One Year Later

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National Dropout Prevention Network Conference

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4 Things You Can Do To Build Better Restaurant Employees [Part 3 of 4]

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“Don’t Call Them Dropouts” Part 3: Students Under the Radar

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“Don’t Call Them Dropouts” Part 2: Success Through Mentorship

The Word “Dropouts” is a Big Disservice to Students

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Why Addressing the Middle Skills Talent Gap Starts with Helping At-Risk Youth [Part 3 of 3]

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2014 Conference Update: What we can’t wait to learn at CAPPS and CCST

Why Addressing the Middle Skills Talent Gap Starts with Helping At-Risk Youth [Part 2 of 3]

What is a Non-Traditional Learner, Anyway?

The Guide to Job Availability by Industry

Non-Completes: Reach Out, and They Will Reach Up

Why Addressing the Middle Skills Talent Gap Starts with Helping At-Risk Youth [Part 1 of 3]

American Graduate Day

How Workforce Training Gives Learners a Competitive Edge

Could a Non-Completer Become Your Best Student?

Penn Foster and America’s Promise to Host Virtual Panel: #NotDropouts

School District Profile: Scranton

Attendance Rate Serves as Indicator of Academic Trouble

Is Your College Turning Away Students Without a High School Diploma?

Why High School Graduation is the Key to Improving At-Risk Communities (Part 5 of 5)

Education vs Incarceration

Foundations for Life (Literally)

Why High School Graduation is the Key to Improving At-Risk Communities (Part 4 of 5)

High School Graduation Rates At All-Time High; How to Better Serve the Last 20%

3 Myths Students Believe About Career Colleges and Grey Collar Jobs

Chinks in the Armor: Disrupting the Status Quo

Why High School Graduation is the Key to Improving At-Risk Communities (Part 3 of 5)

4 Tips for Success in Keeping Students Enrolled in Career Colleges

Grey is the New Black: Why Grey Collar Jobs are Worth Your Attention

Why High School Graduation is the Key to Improving At-Risk Communities (Part 2 of 5)

Tips for Attracting Non-Traditional Students to Your School

Raise the Potential of Hourly Workers in 4 Simple Steps

Why High School Graduation is the Key to Improving At-Risk Communities (Part 1 of 5)

Send Penn Foster to SXSWedu 2015

Supporting The Pursuit of Education: 3 Career College Rebuttals to "I Can't Go To School Because..."

Prevent Summer Melt and Keep Students Enrolled in College

Back to (Home)school

FAPSC 2014: A Reminder of Why We Do What We Do

Improving the Local Community with Better Job Paths for At-Risk Youth

Back to Basics: Increase Employee Loyalty Through a Commitment to Education

3 Ways to Foster Positive Interaction Between At-Risk Youth and Their Local Communities

Institute of Technology and Penn Foster: A Partnership Success Story

How Uber and the Sharing Economy Could Improve Education

Discover How One Private Sector College Increased Enrollments by 10% During our Webinar

Economies of Scale in Education

3 Ways Online Education Increases High School and Academic Success

The Best Tech Tools for Classroom Engagement

The Secret to Revolutionizing Education

How Career and Education Development Increases Employee Retention & ROI

FAPSC 2014: How Schools Can Increase Student Access to Higher Education

Using Apps To Help At-Risk Students Achieve Work/Life Balance

Natural Allies in Education: America's Promise Alliance & Penn Foster

Igniting an Education Movement for Troubled Teens

Academic & Professional Advancement: 4 Pros of Career College Opportunities

High School Completion Program Awareness and Alternatives

214 Former High School Dropouts Get a "Fresh Start"

Student Motivation Techniques That Work for Troubled Teens

How a High School Completion Program Increases Long-Term Student Success

3 Things I learned at APSCU 2014

Empowerment from a High School Diploma: 4 Ways to Student Success

Suits & Gowns Partner to Change Lives in Florida

Enrollment Rates Are Dropping: 3 Things You Can Do

Starbucks Pays for College

Meet the Class of 2014

May 2014 Jobs Report: Penn Foster Weighs In

Opportunity Detroit: Reflecting on the area, our partnership, our students, & an even stronger future


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