3 Things I learned at APSCU 2014

Posted by Steve Copacino on 6/27/14 9:16 AM

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas with Penn Foster to attend the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) 2014 Annual Convention & Expo. This annual conference brings together over 1,500 attendees from private sector schools to focus on innovations and the future of higher education. I came away with 3 major learnings that were prevalent throughout the show: 

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Empowerment from a High School Diploma: 4 Ways to Student Success

Posted by Ray McNulty on 6/25/14 4:00 PM

Serving as a supportive and resourceful connection for young people will help increase their drive to make positive decisions. School professionals should encourage students to graduate high school as a form of empowerment and confidence building.

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Topics: Dropout Crisis, High School Completion, Opportunity Youth, Youth Organizations, Public & Private High Schools

Suits & Gowns Partner to Change Lives in Florida

Posted by Kevin Bauman on 6/24/14 10:00 AM

Fresh Start Dropout Retrieval Program Graduates May 2014

I recently had the distinct privilege of being one of the commencement speakers during a lively graduation ceremony in Polk County, Florida.  214 Penn Foster High School graduates were cheered on by over 2500 of their family and friends. As I stood on the stage waiting to congratulate the students as their names were called, I had a funny feeling come over me of somehow being “out of place.” Then I realized – I was the only person in the receiving line wearing a traditional business suit.  All the other participants were life-long academic Administrators from the Polk County School District.  They had the traditional thick, robe-like cap and gown attire that faculty members typically wear at graduation ceremonies.

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Topics: Dropout Crisis, High School Completion, Public & Private High Schools

Enrollment Rates Are Dropping: 3 Things You Can Do

Posted by Dara Warn on 6/23/14 3:00 PM

As the economy continues on an upward march toward stabilization, college enrollment nationwide hits record lows. Just under 66 percent of the class of 2013 was enrolled in college last fall, the lowest share of new graduates since 2006 and the third decline in the past four years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Starbucks Pays for College

Posted by Dara Warn on 6/18/14 2:05 PM

Drink coffee, buy music, meet friends – Starbucks introduced a new way for us to experience these things and has just added another to the list. Going to college. Earlier this week, Starbucks announced it would pay for college for employees who want to earn a college degree.  Starbucks will provide a free online college education to its 135,000 US employees through a partnership with Arizona State University (ASU). ASU offers over 40 online bachelor programs and enrolls 10,000 students annually. 
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Meet the Class of 2014

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 6/15/14 3:03 PM

As an online school, technology provides us with many wonderful ways to stay connected with our students each day. From conversations on our virtual student community, to one-on-one personalized video messages, technology helps us keep students front and center. However, there is nothing more powerful, inspiring and motivating  than the opportunity to meet our students live, in person. To hear their unique stories of challenges they’ve overcome in school and life in order to pursue their education. To personally shake their hand and congratulate them on a job well done.
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Topics: Dropout Crisis, High School Completion, Opportunity Youth

May 2014 Jobs Report: Penn Foster Weighs In

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 6/9/14 5:00 PM

Last Friday, the US Department of Labor issued its latest BLS Jobs Report, stating that 217,000 new jobs were created in May and the unemployment rate holding at 6.3%. While the results were better than what many economists were predicting, an underlying issue remains: the Middle Skills Gap for grey collar jobs. Example: earlier this year, the Manufacturing Institute published a report including a  survey of 1,123 manufacturing companies, where 67% reported "a moderate to severe shortage of available, qualified workers and 5% of current jobs are unfilled due to a lack of capable candidates – that 600,000 well-paying jobs unfilled!
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Opportunity Detroit: Reflecting on the area, our partnership, our students, & an even stronger future

Posted by Frank Britt on 6/7/14 10:00 AM

Travel is a major part of my life, and spending 36 hours in any given city is not uncommon. As I sit on my flight home from Detroit, Michigan, reflecting on the events that have occurred over the last day and a half, I am moved by the whole experience in a way I never have been in my many years of traveling.

Detroit was once the fourth largest American city in the mid-20th century. It was a booming metropolis and a manufacturing hub, specifically for the auto industry. Between 1950 and 2010, the population of Detroit has decreased by 62%1 to just over 700,000.

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Topics: Dropout Crisis, High School Completion, Opportunity Youth


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