10 Reasons Why Penn Foster Students are All Heroes

Posted by Laurie Woychick on 12/31/14 10:00 AM

In 2014, we graduated nearly 20,000 high school students, in addition to over 12,000 career and college students who received certificates and degrees in over 127 different programs. As we reflect on the record-breaking year, we can’t help but focus on the amazing students who found success with Penn Foster in 2014. Here are ten amazing stories:

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An On-ramp to Higher Education

Posted by Douglas Carlson on 12/29/14 10:00 AM

Many career colleges are beginning to offer a high school completion program on their campuses. A high school completion program is an option for adult learners to earn an actual high school diploma – accredited and licensed – which builds confidence, knowledge and skills on their path to pursue post-secondary education.

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The Case for Skills Training in the High School Classroom

Posted by Ray McNulty on 12/26/14 5:00 AM

Our colleges, job markets and communities rely on high schools to prepare students for higher education, careers and citizenship. The traditional high school curriculum aims to develop a well-rounded student, but oftentimes, this standard educational approach lacks job-specific training. Many young people move through high school without acquiring the necessary skill sets that prepare them for employment. High schools should consider equipping young people with the skills and job-specific knowledge to be career-ready.

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How to Arm Prospective Career College Students with the Right Information

Posted by Dara Warn on 12/23/14 7:00 AM

According to a 2012 survey of college freshmen conducted by the University of California-Los Angeles,getting a better job and the ability to make more money are the top two reasons behind their decision to go to college. When it comes to why the students chose the particular college they did, students cited the college’s academic reputation as the number one reason, followed by:2

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The Profile of a Non-Completer

Posted by Garth Fasano on 12/22/14 10:00 AM

College campuses today are catering to a growing number of nontraditional adult students. According to The National Center for Education Statistics, a nontraditional undergraduate is defined as someone who:

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Second-Chance Learners, Not High School Dropouts

Posted by Kevin Bauman on 12/18/14 4:00 PM

The term “dropout” is marked by negative undertones drawn from stigmas that characterize this group. What we don’t hear are the stories that prove these non-completers want to make a change but are often faced with limited options to get a high school diploma. “With the advent of ATB students not being allowed to attend career colleges and schools, it puts them in a void and really difficult position. Realizing that we thought we could put a high school program into our school and help these students,” says Patricia Fischer, CEO Dorsey. Today’s non-traditional learners require more than the slim options currently provided by the traditional educational landscape. Through our post-secondary partnerships, Penn Foster is helping students obtain their high school diploma by offering programs tailored for nontraditional learners—because everyone deserves a second chance.

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Happy Holidays from the Penn Foster Team

Posted by Frank Britt on 12/18/14 10:30 AM

Penn Foster wishes you, your team and your family a very happy holiday season and we hope you have the opportunity to enjoy time with your loved ones.  With the new year fast approaching, it is a great time to reflect on how much you have accomplished this year, and the many lives you’ve touched.  We are honored to partner with organizations like yours, who play an important role in improving the lives of so many students, their families and their communities.   Together, we are providing people the opportunity to continue their education and achieve their goals.  Please take a minute to watch this short video of 2014 highlights.

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Why High School Non-completers Deserve the Attention of Career Schools

Posted by Laurie Woychick on 12/16/14 10:30 AM

A Penn Foster Success Story: From Homelessness to All-Star Student

By definition, Nikkiya Gentry was a "typical" high school dropout. She didn't have a diploma and had no high school credits. But if you delve deeper into Nikkiya's inspirational story, you discover she was far from any of the stereotypes some people hold about high school dropouts.

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Topics: Dropout Crisis, High School Completion, College Enrollment & Retention, Colleges & Career Schools

Why Penn Foster is Proud to Support Job Corps Centers

Posted by Erik Hensley on 12/11/14 8:00 AM

The Role of Job Corps: Providing Education & Career Training

Administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, Job Corps is a federally funded job training and educational program, and serves as an alternative for youth who are unable to learn in a traditional academic environment.  Job Corps runs 125 centers serving roughly 60,000 young people across the country each year who are between the ages of 16 and 24 and meet certain criteria. Job Corps functions as a full-service school which educates and trains individuals to embark on educational and professional pursuits, such as:

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Partner Spotlight: Increasing Enrollments Through a High School Completion Program at Dorsey Schools

Posted by Garth Fasano on 12/9/14 8:00 AM

The Dorsey Schools and Penn Foster have been working together on a High School Completion program since the Fall of 2013 and have brought the program to six campus locations in the Detroit and Michigan area.  The program provides interested students with the chance to earn a high school diploma and has helped Dorsey campuses boost enrollments, increase awareness in the community and helped people change their lives through education.

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Partner Spotlight: Beckfield College

Posted by Douglas Carlson on 12/5/14 1:00 PM

Penn Foster recently welcomed Beckfield College into our family of career college partners, offering our high school completion program to local students in the Florence, KY and Tri-County Cincinnati areas.

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The redistribution of opportunity: TheNativeSociety Q&A with Frank Britt

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 12/3/14 7:00 AM

Last week, The Native Society sat down with Penn Foster CEO Frank Britt to talk about his career journey to CEO of an education company, industry trends effecting Penn Foster and its partner institutions, and what’s next for this 124-year old company. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

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Your Guide to Increasing Enrollments with a High School Completion Program [Free eBook]

Posted by Steve Copacino on 12/2/14 8:00 AM

It’s no secret that enrollments have been declining at Career Colleges nationwide. With 6 million Americans age 25 to 39 years old lacking a high school or equivalency diploma1, and increasingly limited options to earn their diploma due to changes to the GED and the elimination of Ability to Benefit, many Career Colleges are turning away a growing number potential enrollments that are unable to meet POG requirements. Often times, these non-completers seek out local career colleges as they strive towards improving their marketable skills for in-demand careers – representing a large, but ultimately unqualified, market of interested students.

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