Implementing a High School Completion Program is Easier than You Think

Posted by Garth Fasano on 2/26/15 10:00 AM

Implementing a High School Completion program on your campus doesn’t have to be challenging. In fact, it’s probably a lot simpler than you think because you probably already have everything needed to get started, and we are here to help. Here are the three easy steps to get started:

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The Adult Education Landscape

Posted by Julianne Gagnon on 2/25/15 5:00 PM

Today's job market is changing rapidly. In response, many adults are going back to school to pick up new skills so they can be more competitve in the workplace. In face, adult learners represent the fastest growing population of learners in higher education right now. Check out the infographic from TutorGrams to see if this trend is paying off for the adults choosing to go back to school.

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Using Data to Improve Retention Rates at Career Schools

Posted by Laurie Woychick on 2/24/15 2:00 PM

According to our recent Career School Industry Survey, over 60% of the schools surveys highlighted retention and graduation as two of the top three success metrics they are measured on. There are a number of tactics career schools can use to increase retention, and thereby increase graduation rates, but they all point back to data. Without a clear understanding of the student demographics and individual challenges, it is difficult to keep hundreds or thousands of students on track and engaged with limited campus advisors.

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Career School Industry Trends and Improving Student Outcomes

Posted by Dara Warn on 2/19/15 4:00 PM

With new commentary about the value of a college education constantly filling our airwaves, career schools are right in the middle of the discussion. Career schools are designed to help students train for and prepare for careers in skilled professions. But the current regulatory environment and the mounting pressures on outcomes have been a challenge for the sector.

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A Glimpse Into The Past: Penn Foster Celebrates 125 Years of Educating the Non-Traditional Learner

Posted by Frank Britt on 2/18/15 3:00 PM

Penn Foster Then & Now

The mission of Penn Foster is deeply connected to its educational roots from the 19th century ― to educate workers and help them improve their expertise, job skills and workforce safety. Today, Penn Foster specializes in several academic areas including accredited workforce development, high school completion and college degree programs, and career diploma and certification programs.

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10 Staggering Facts about Education in America

Posted by Julianne Gagnon on 2/17/15 3:30 PM

Education today is more important than ever, but it's not always getting the attention and respect that it needs and deserves. Did you know that the US currently ranks 12th in terms of the number of college educated adults in the population and that every year 1.2 million students drop out of school? We must reprioritize education in the US and remember that education is crucial and not something to be neglected. Here is a close look at the current state of education in the US:

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Penn Foster’s High School Completion Program Guide and FAQs

Posted by Dara Warn on 2/12/15 10:00 AM

Many career colleges are recognizing the value of offering a  High School Completion Program. You can provide high school non-completers interested in your career school with a second chance to graduate high school, and many of these graduates  enroll in the career school at a lower cost per start. While offering a high school diploma option may not be a core business objective,  it makes financial sense for your school’s leadership to show interest in the program. Implementing the High School Completion Program delivers qualified candidates, boosts matriculation and ultimately increases your college’s graduation rates.

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Too Old To Disrupt?

Posted by Laurie Woychick on 2/12/15 9:00 AM

When people think about disrupters, particularly in the education space, they think of start-ups, or moocs (massive open online courses), or perhaps an LMS (learning management system). They don’t often think of a 125 year old institution that started out as a correspondence school created to train coal miners on safety after a series of unfortunate mining accidents.

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Penn Foster to Help Shape the Future at SXSW Education Conference in Austin

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 2/10/15 3:30 PM

This year Penn Foster is celebrating our 125th year anniversary as a distance learning education institution dedicated to serving our students and meeting them where they are at, both physically and academically.  As a recent blog post about Penn Foster on the Christensen Institute website recently pointed out, you can never be “too old to disrupt”. We are proud that we continually innovate within the online and blended learning education sector. We deliver affordable, accredited paths to academic credentials to tens of thousands of students across America every year.

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The Evolving Role of Employers in Employee Education

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 2/6/15 5:00 AM

Frank Britt, CEO of Penn Foster, was recently featured on The Hill’s Congress Blog for lawmakers and policy professionals for his point of view on the trends of workplace training and education, and the evolving role of employers in education.

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YouthBuild 2015 Annual Conference: How to Connect the Dots

Posted by Steve Copacino on 2/4/15 8:00 AM

I was able to attend the YouthBuild USA 2015 National Directors Association Meeting in Arlington, Virginia. The meeting brought together directors from over 100 YouthBuild programs across the country. Here are my top three takeaways from the conference:

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Celebrating National School Choice Week at Penn Foster High School

Posted by Laurie Woychick on 2/3/15 3:00 PM

Last week was designated as National School Choice Week and is a nonpolitical and nonpartisan celebration of effective education options for children. The week shines a positive spotlight on all types of education options for children – from traditional public schools to public charter schools, magnet schools, online academies, private schools, and homeschooling.

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