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Bobby Babbrah is Chief Digital Officer of Penn Foster, an education provider offering skills development training, credentials and employment matching for today’s frontline workforce. He oversees the company’s digital and mobile educational platforms and products.
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Education Technology and the Modern Learner

Posted by Bobby Babbrah on 10/25/16 3:00 PM

Flexibility, flow, and reimagining how we best deliver quality education to millennials.

Technology’s impact is often felt immediately by its users but sometimes—especially in education—technology’s innovations do not necessarily take place in “a moment.” Indeed, over a sustained period of time, technology is inexorably transforming the education landscape. This transformation consists of multiple elements, starting with the makeup of the modern millennial learner, continuing to how learning is evolving due to innovations in technology, and finally to how the educational experience will need to be reimagined to adapt to these changes.

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