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Three Ways to Make Evening Classes More Appealing to Career College Students

Posted by Garth Fasano on 4/19/16 10:00 AM

College student collaboratingDeciding to dedicate your evenings to college classes is a tough decision that takes strong motivation and commitment — but for nontraditional students with families, jobs and other responsibilities, it’s often the only viable option if they want to pursue post-secondary education. Career college administrators and staff can help make this decision easier by making night classes more appealing to busy non-traditional students.

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Topics: High School Completion, College Enrollment & Retention, Colleges & Career Schools

How Career Colleges Can Partner With Local Businesses to Expand Job Opportunities for Students

Posted by Garth Fasano on 3/17/16 11:00 AM

A large piece of the gainful employment compliance puzzle is ensuring career colleges are doing everything they can to help students get jobs with local businesses after graduation. Sometimes though, local businesses aren’t aware that the career college in their own community prepares students with the exact skills their company is recruiting for. Make local businesses aware of the pool of skilled and qualified job candidates your school is producing with the following tips.

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Topics: College Enrollment & Retention, Colleges & Career Schools

3 Ways for Your Career College to Connect With Local High Schools

Posted by Garth Fasano on 3/8/16 10:00 AM

High schools work hard at making sure students know their options after high school and preparing them to take that next step. Career colleges also play an influential role in providing these students with the tools and resources they need to continue their education. When career colleges and high schools work together for this common purpose, the chances for successful student outcomes is even greater.

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Zap Student Stress With These Tools & Resources

Posted by Garth Fasano on 12/16/15 10:00 AM

All college students experience at least some stress during their college career. Most students get stressed while learning how to juggle personal responsibilities with coursework, for example, and as final exams approach. But stress levels for certain college students can soar during such times, and without resources to cope or get help, they become at risk for a variety of physical and emotional side effects. Their academic performance may suffer as well and, if it goes on long enough, they may decide to leave school.

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Topics: College Enrollment & Retention, Colleges & Career Schools

What Services Should Your Career Center Offer?

Posted by Garth Fasano on 11/27/15 5:00 AM

The whole reason students go to college is better employment opportunities, making your school's career center vital to its mission to serve students. In addition, a good career center helps your school thrive under the new gainful employment regulations, in which a career college's eligibility for federal student aid depends on how well its students are prepared for "gainful employment" in a recognized occupation. The Department of Education recognizes a program as leading to gainful employment if the estimated annual loan repayments of its graduates do not exceed 20 percent of their discretionary income or 8 percent of total income.1 To help students land a good job after graduation, your career center should offer the following services and resources:

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Topics: College Enrollment & Retention, Colleges & Career Schools

3 Key Career School Strategies to Get Ready for Gainful Employment Compliance

Posted by Garth Fasano on 7/2/15 1:00 PM

Career colleges are getting ready for Gainful Employment. As institutional and program effectiveness specialist Amanda Opperman describes, schools will soon be required to submit an avalanche of student data for the years 2008 to 2015.1 But this is just preliminary to the larger task of achieving compliance with minimum requirements for student loan repayment rates and debt-to-income ratios. Facing this challenge will require implementing effective strategies to ensure that institutional performance is in compliance with Gainful Employment standards.

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Topics: High School Completion, Industry News

Implementing a High School Completion Program is Easier than You Think

Posted by Garth Fasano on 2/26/15 10:00 AM

Implementing a High School Completion program on your campus doesn’t have to be challenging. In fact, it’s probably a lot simpler than you think because you probably already have everything needed to get started, and we are here to help. Here are the three easy steps to get started:

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Topics: High School Completion

Understanding These Students Can Help Generate Successful Student Outcomes

Posted by Garth Fasano on 1/19/15 10:00 AM

It is important to understand these students’ backgrounds, and fears towards education and potential mental roadblocks holding them back from taking the first step towards earning their high school diploma. They might be hesitant to return to school, and may have struggled in a traditional learning environment, or have had failed attempts at the GED program. Here are three rebuttals educators or enrollment teams can use when talking with potential students who question their ability to return to and complete high school:

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Topics: High School Completion, College Enrollment & Retention

Why High School Completion Students Graduate and Matriculate

Posted by Garth Fasano on 1/5/15 10:00 AM

A successful high school completion program will generate inspired students who are eager to continue learning. Many of the students who did not succeed in a traditional high school classroom, took a hit to their self-confidence during the process of dropping out of high school. With an adult diploma program designed to meet the unique needs of these students, they emerge from the program confident and inspired, and often times looking to immediately enroll in a college program. Here are some key attributes of what a successful program looks like:

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Topics: High School Completion, College Enrollment & Retention

The Profile of a Non-Completer

Posted by Garth Fasano on 12/22/14 10:00 AM

College campuses today are catering to a growing number of nontraditional adult students. According to The National Center for Education Statistics, a nontraditional undergraduate is defined as someone who:

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Topics: College Enrollment & Retention


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