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Inspired by our student stories & working to bring education to non-traditional students. I also love pretty design. And cookies. And rock climbing.
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Waiting for Superman

Posted by Julianne Gagnon on 5/6/15 6:00 PM

Waiting for Superman is a “gripping, heartbreaking, and ultimately hopeful documentary” about the crisis of public education in America. The battle to solve many of our country’s problems starts with addressing one of our biggest ones: education. A great education is crucial for the success of the young students in our school system right now - the same kids who are the future of our country.

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Educating the Workforce of the Future

Posted by Julianne Gagnon on 3/4/15 3:30 PM

GOOD collaborated with Hyperakt to examine the qualifications that Americans workers hold, and compared them to the requirements of our current workforce and the workforce of the future. What did they find? Our workforce is in need of individuals with higher education levels. Since 1973, the number of jobs that require at least some college has more than tripled, while those that require just a high school diploma have remained the same. An educated population is crucial to having a productive workforce. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the state of educating the workforce of the future.

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The Adult Education Landscape

Posted by Julianne Gagnon on 2/25/15 5:00 PM

Today's job market is changing rapidly. In response, many adults are going back to school to pick up new skills so they can be more competitve in the workplace. In face, adult learners represent the fastest growing population of learners in higher education right now. Check out the infographic from TutorGrams to see if this trend is paying off for the adults choosing to go back to school.

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10 Staggering Facts about Education in America

Posted by Julianne Gagnon on 2/17/15 3:30 PM

Education today is more important than ever, but it's not always getting the attention and respect that it needs and deserves. Did you know that the US currently ranks 12th in terms of the number of college educated adults in the population and that every year 1.2 million students drop out of school? We must reprioritize education in the US and remember that education is crucial and not something to be neglected. Here is a close look at the current state of education in the US:

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Education vs Incarceration

Posted by Julianne Gagnon on 9/11/14 10:00 AM

The cost of putting a student through school is less than the cost of imprisonment.  On top of that, an individual has a much higher financial (and social) benefit to their community as a high school or college graduate than as an inmate.

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