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Kate Mosteller is the Sr. Director of Brand and Product Marketing at Penn Foster, working closely with our students across each of our schools and within our partner organizations to evangelize their stories and inspire and motivate others.
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How To Create a Learning Pathway for Your Employees

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 7/12/18 3:53 PM

Finding employees with the right skills is a struggle for many businesses, but manufacturing and information technology are having the most trouble according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. They’re facing a skills gap, resulting in millions of unfilled jobs across the country.

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Topics: workforce training, skills solution, Upskilling

While Unemployment Rate Decreases, Skills Gap Remains

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 8/25/17 8:41 AM

Even though the unemployment rate in the United States has steadily decreased in recent years, job openings are now more plentiful than ever - as was seen in the most recent Department of Labor jobs report. Companies large and small are struggling to find the skilled workers they need, which had led to a drop in hiring - particularly in middle skils careers. Employers need to take action to address this skills gap and get hiring rates on the upswing once more.

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Topics: Skills Gap, Middle Skills Gap, Employers, Colleges & Career Schools

Study Shows: The Perception of Online Education is Changing

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 4/13/17 1:20 PM

The perception of online education is changing. Seen for many years as the poor relation of brick-and-mortar institutions, online education is rapidly gaining respect. According to the 2013 Survey of Online Learning, perceptions of online education dramatically changed during the previous decade. Indeed, the proportion of academic leaders rating online courses as offering the same or superior learning outcomes as face-to-face tuition has now risen from 57 percent to 74 percent.

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Topics: adult learners, Education, online high school diploma, Learning and Development

The True American Workforce

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 3/8/17 9:30 AM

The face of the American working class is changing. Whereas once the phrase "working class American" conjured up images of men working in factories or on construction sites, today the majority of the working class is employed in the service industry.

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Topics: Frontline Worker, Industry News

Honoring an Army Veteran, Father, and Exemplary Student as Graduate of the Year

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 12/13/16 11:26 AM

Each year, Penn Foster takes time to celebrate an exemplary Penn Foster graduate. The Graduate of the Year is selected by student peers and a cross-functional Penn Foster committee. Graduates are encouraged to enter in the contest by submitting an essay about their Penn Foster experience, why graduating is an important milestone in their life, and what their next steps are post-graduation. This year, we could not be more proud to announce the winner, who perfectly exemplifies the grit, determination, and passion that we admire in our students and graduates. Congratulations to our 2016 Graduate of the Year, Omar Haughton! This is his story.

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Topics: Education, Penn Foster News & Events

5 Rules of Job Search Etiquette for the Digital Age

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 8/9/16 12:00 PM

Ninety-two percent of job recruiters use social media to look for prospective hiring candidates, according to the latest annual Jobvite survey.1 This can make it easier for job seekers to connect with recruiters, but it can also make it easier for job candidates to make a bad first impression. Take, for instance, these stats from the Jobvite Social Recruiting survey:2

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Topics: Public & Private High Schools, Colleges & Career Schools

How Your Career College Can Make a Career in the Skilled Trades More Enticing to Women

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 8/2/16 11:00 AM

Women are drastically underrepresented in the skilled trades, and it’s hurting them financially. Consider these facts:

- Women make up just 4.7 percent of workers in natural resources, construction and maintenance occupations1

- Female underrepresentation in the skilled trades is a major contributor to the fact that women earn less than men2

- In 2014, women earned 79 cents on the dollar compared to what men earned3

Boosting female salaries will require attracting more young women to skilled trade occupations. Here are three ways that career colleges can increase young women's awareness of the opportunities presented by careers in skilled trades.

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Topics: Colleges & Career Schools, College Enrollment & Retention

4 Ways for Quick Service Restaurants to Improve Employee Confidence

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 6/29/16 2:00 PM

It probably comes as no surprise that confident employees tend to take more initiative at work and perform better at their jobs overall. Numerous experts confirm this; for example, Chron reports that employees who have confidence in their ability to get the job done are more engaged and motivated1 This is especially important in for QSRs, with an average industry turnover rate of 66% making it critical that managers improve employee engagement and, in turn, retention. Implement these simple tactics to improve confidence in your employees and reap the rewards of more productive and loyal workers.

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Topics: Employers

How to Improve Your Career Center’s Search Rankings

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 6/2/16 11:30 AM

Client reviews play an important role in promoting your workforce investment board’s career center online and improving your search ranking. Review signals contribute 8.4 percent to how Google ranks your site, according to a Moz analysis of local search engine ranking factors.1 Reviews also influence whether prospective clients will attend your events and make use of your services — 85 percent of consumers now read online reviews when considering local businesses, and 79 percent trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to BrightLocal research.2 Even negative reviews are important, because they provide you with feedback you can use to improve your center. Here are five ways workforce centers can encourage their current clients to provide honest online reviews to boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

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Topics: Opportunity Youth, Youth Organizations

How Businesses Can Help Develop the Next Generation of Workers

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 5/26/16 11:00 AM

Today’s employers are in the midst of a talent shortage that shows little sign of abating. According to the Manpower Group’s latest annual survey, thirty-eight percent of employers report having trouble filling jobs.1 The professional and business services industry and the education and health services industry each have more than one million job openings,
the Department of Education reports,2 and according to The Apsen Institute there are over 3.5 million unfilled jobs in the United States that do not require a four-year degree.3 These jobs, often referred to as middle-skill jobs, make up the largest part of the labor marketing in the United States. Businesses have a vested interest in solving this problem. Here are a few ways the business community can work with local youth organizations to prepare the next generation of workers.

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Topics: Employee Retention, Employers


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