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Kate Mosteller is the Sr. Director of Brand and Product Marketing at Penn Foster, working closely with our students across each of our schools and within our partner organizations to evangelize their stories and inspire and motivate others.
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How Businesses Can Help Develop the Next Generation of Workers

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 5/26/16 11:00 AM

Today’s employers are in the midst of a talent shortage that shows little sign of abating. According to the Manpower Group’s latest annual survey, thirty-eight percent of employers report having trouble filling jobs.1 The professional and business services industry and the education and health services industry each have more than one million job openings,
the Department of Education reports,2 and according to The Apsen Institute there are over 3.5 million unfilled jobs in the United States that do not require a four-year degree.3 These jobs, often referred to as middle-skill jobs, make up the largest part of the labor marketing in the United States. Businesses have a vested interest in solving this problem. Here are a few ways the business community can work with local youth organizations to prepare the next generation of workers.

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Topics: Employee Retention, Employers

Youth Organizations: Best Practices for Organizing a College & Career Fair

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 4/5/16 11:00 AM

The youth organizations of today are helping to develop the workers, parents and leaders of tomorrow. And one of the best ways youth organizations can prepare our nation’s young people for a successful future is by partnering with local colleges and businesses to sponsor a joint college and career fair. This is a wonderful opportunity to get the youth you serve in front of employers and acquaint them with some options for post-secondary education. When organizing such an event, keep these four best practices in mind:

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Topics: Opportunity Youth, Youth Organizations

Why Companies Need to Prioritize Employee Development Programs

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 3/16/16 10:00 AM

In industries with traditionally high turnover rates, such as quick-service restaurants and retail, it is exceptionally important for companies to prioritize their employee development initiatives and to guide employees towards management and growth tracks. Companies that make employee development an inherent part of their brand message to their employees often reap the benefits of reduced turnover and increased employee motivation. After all, giving employees the opportunity to improve their skills and move up in the company increases both their confidence and loyalty. This increased focus on developing and promoting employee training programs is rapidly becoming a standard in many industries; in fact, according to a 2014 Restaurant Briefing report, 69 percent of QSRs planned to devote more resources to training that year.1 It’s vital that companies make these retention programs a major part of their HR strategy, effectively communicate the benefits of these program, and make it easy for employees to access them.

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3 Innovative Companies Offering Extensive Employee Development Programs

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 2/10/16 10:00 AM

Smart, successful companies invest in employee development, partly because they're one of the best ways to motivate and retain employees. There's abundant research to support this, including:



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Topics: Employee Retention, Employers

QSR and Retail Employers: 4 Ways to Prepare Your Star Workers to Take on Managerial Roles

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 2/4/16 10:00 AM

Talent shortage is one of the top hiring challenges facing companies today. Forty-eight percent of recruiters said they don't see enough qualified candidates for open positions, according to the Glassdoor Recruiting Outlook Survey.1 In addition, ManpowerGroup’s 2015 Talent Shortage study found that 38 percent of companies are having more difficulty filling jobs than last year, the highest percentage since 2007.2

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How to Use Social Media to Boost Enrollment Efforts

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 1/13/16 11:00 AM

Social media can be a powerful method of communicating with prospective students — if your career college uses it correctly. About two-thirds of high school students use social media to research colleges, and more than one-third of those students use social media to help decide where to enroll, according to a survey conducted by Zinch, an online scholarship- and school-matching service.1,2 Follow these five best practices to boost your career college's enrollment efforts and give prospective students insight into your school.

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Topics: College Enrollment & Retention, Colleges & Career Schools

Attract & Retain Good Employees With Employee Development Programs

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 1/7/16 10:00 AM

Attracting, recruiting, training and retaining employees can be costly endeavors for any organization. Supporting and encouraging employee development is a great way to lower these costs, especially in industries with high turnover rates. To help build a workplace of engaged, motivated workers, encourage your employees to pursue promotions, further their education and make improvements in areas of weakness.1 Industry giants such as Starbucks and Home Depot have implemented generous employee development benefits. Fiat/Chrysler recently expanded their partnership with Strayer University to provide free college for all employees and their immediate family members.2 These companies know that better educated employees make for better employees. Attract and retain top talent by giving them a compelling reason to grow with your company.

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Boost Enrollment by Offering 'Refresher' Courses in These 4 Fields

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 12/22/15 10:00 AM

Because innovations in technology and changes in career practices occur so often in certain industries, the people working in those fields frequently must return to school for continuing education. About 44 percent of adults participate in some form of continuing education, according to the National Center for Education Statistics ("continuing education" includes skills training, work-related courses, personal interest courses, apprenticeships, ESL courses and part-time degree programs).1 This is a sizable amount of potential students, and it can be of great value for career colleges to offer these "refresher" classes to students.

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Topics: College Enrollment & Retention, Colleges & Career Schools

Retailers: A Manager Training Program Makes Great Business Sense

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 12/3/15 11:00 AM

For many retailers, recruiting and retaining skilled employees is tough. According to a joint survey from CareerBuilder and WorkInRetail.com, 36 percent of retail hiring managers said retaining top talent is one of the most challenging parts of their job, and 29 percent said that recruiting skilled talent is a top challenge.1 Some retailers turn to volume recruiting to try to solve the problem, but the result is only high turnover.

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Increasing Career College Enrollment Rates: 6 Steps for Effective Lead Nurturing

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 10/14/15 1:00 PM

Turning promising leads into new students is a delicate process. Leads have a variety of higher education options and require a certain level of nurturing before they can choose which college to enroll in. As part of the recruitment process, your school can administer a lead nurturing strategy to help inform prospective students about your college and the programs you offer; ensuring they’re choosing the school that best meets their needs. Use these six best practices to improve your school’s lead nurturing process:

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