Bridging the Gap: Discover 4 Key Strategies to Enhance Workplace Readiness

Posted by Steve Copacino on 10/20/16 11:46 PM

developing-soft-skills.jpgThe numbers don't lie: the #1 skill HR professionals said was most needed by new hires in the past 12 months was soft skills1. These soft skills, also known as Power Skills, include communication, teamwork, integrity, and problem solving and are critical for success in the workplace. Unfortunately, many employers and schools lack the resources to help develop these valuable skills.

In an upcoming webinar, Penn Foster will discuss four key strategies organizations of all types, including employers, youth organizations, academic institutions, and workforce boards, can implement to help develop these essential Power Skills and enhance workplace readiness. This 45-minute webinar will examine the impact developing these skills can have on these organizations and demonstrate how attendees can easily implement these strategies at their organizations. 

Join us on Thursday, November 3rd at 1:00PM ET to learn the innovative strategies you need to develop a career ready workforce. 

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Resources: (1) America's Skills Challenge: Millennials and the Future

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