Connect Prospective Students to Your Career School: Step 3

Posted by Dara Warn on 3/16/15 10:00 AM

Director of Admissions: High School Completion Program

High School Completion Graduates Career CollegesCareer schools can increase enrollment rates if admissions didn't have to turn away prospective students because of a lacking credential. According to data by our "Career Schools 2014 Year in Review," 40% of career school executives said they turn away at least 10% of potential students because they lack a high school diploma.

Career colleges are overcoming this challenge by offering an enrollment solution called the High School Completion program. This program provides high school noncompleters with an option to earn their high school diploma, matriculate into your school and create a future of opportunity. Delivered through a blended learning model, the High School Completion program enables students to engage in a flexible, self-paced learning experience fostering college and career-readiness.

Discover other ways to connect prospective students to your career school in the Career School Guide to Increasing Enrollments now.  

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Read Step 1 on Community Outreach here, Step 2 on Marketing with Mobile and Social Media here, and Step 4: Financial Aid Office - Payment Plans.

Topics: College Enrollment & Retention


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