Grey is the New Black: Why Grey Collar Jobs are Worth Your Attention

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 8/27/14 11:00 AM

Student in Mechanic Shop

Although our economy hasn’t completely rebounded and fiscally healed from the 2008 financial collapse, the economy has gradually burgeoned into a relatively recovered, stable job market with diverse occupational opportunity. As of summer 2014, the U.S. economy has added 209,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate slightly increased to 6.2 percent. The 2014 economy has steadily added 1.5 million jobs for six straight months, which illustrates positive economic growth and a stronger economy. Most notably, manufacturing (99,000 added jobs), construction (114,000 added jobs), retail trade, and professional and business services are increasing.

Our “Grey is the New Black: Why Grey Collar Jobs are Worth Your Attention” infographic examines the job landscape and offers valuable job growth insights, including the pace of state-specific job development and a descriptive breakdown of various collar jobs, as well as the rise of an Associate degree and Grey Collar jobs. Help your students understand the job market and learn about the post-secondary educational options that will set them on a successful career path.

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Sources: Job Market Continues to Recover

Topics: Middle Skills Gap, Industry News, Employee Retention


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