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Posted by Kate Mosteller on 6/15/14 3:03 PM

PF Road Trip Summer 2014
As an online school, technology provides us with many wonderful ways to stay connected with our students each day. From conversations on our virtual student community, to one-on-one personalized video messages, technology helps us keep students front and center. However, there is nothing more powerful, inspiring and motivating  than the opportunity to meet our students live, in person. To hear their unique stories of challenges they’ve overcome in school and life in order to pursue their education. To personally shake their hand and congratulate them on a job well done.

Earlier this month, Penn Foster hit the road, visiting students across the country from our partner schools to take part in their high school graduation ceremonies, honoring these “non-traditional” students for this major accomplishment in their lives.  

First stop was Fresno, CA at the Institute of Technology (IOT) where we met 17 former dropouts who earned their high school diploma, many of whom are now currently enrolled in IOT pursuing further education towards their career goals. Then, in a jam-packed gymnasium in Polk County, FL,  we witnessed 214 students from the county get a second chance to earn their diploma. And next stop, Dorsey Schools in Detroit where 31 former dropouts proudly earned their diploma, enabling them to continue their education with Dorsey, or enter the workforce as a high school graduate.

Meet our students, at least virtually, through our Summer Road trip video.  I think you’ll be as inspired by these students and their stories as we are. The road trip continues, and we look forward to meeting many more students along the way.

Topics: Dropout Crisis, High School Completion, Opportunity Youth


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