Penn Foster and America’s Promise to Host Virtual Panel: #NotDropouts

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 9/23/14 3:00 PM

smaller-header-Recovered2The phrase “high school dropout” implies that the student is the problem. However, the majority of the 1+ million students who leave the system want to continue their education, but have extenuating circumstances—difficulties learning, a family to support, or other situations like bullying—preventing them from completing high school. “Don’t Call Them Dropouts,” a report from America’s Promise Alliance, explains these challenges.

Join this Google+ Hangout on Air on September 30 at 1pm EST when a panel of education experts will explore:

     - Who are “non-completers” and what causes them to leave the system
     -What is the impact on local communities, businesses, post-secondary schools
     - How a 90% national high school graduation rate can be achieved, even in low income areas
     - What school districts can do to keep students in the system and improve graduation rates
     - How post-secondary schools and businesses can contribute to the cause and benefit themselves

Panelists include:

     - Moderator: Jon Zaff, Executive Director of Center for Promise
     - Ray McNulty, Chairman of Penn Foster High School Board; Chairman of National Dropout Prevention
     - Elayne Bennett, President & Founder, Best Friends Foundation
     - Beth Reynolds, National Dropout Prevention Center Network

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