The Grey Collar Career Challenge

Posted by Laurie Woychick on 10/24/14 3:30 PM

Rebar_workerFrank Britt, CEO of Penn Foster, was recently featured on The Hill’s Congress Blog for lawmakers and policy professionals for his point of view on the the demand for skilled workers to fill grey collar jobs, but the lack of qualified  - and interested – workers to fill them.

Below is an excerpt courtesy of The Hill:

In the midst of a changing employment market there is a new class of jobs emerging—occupations with solid job growth and earnings potential. We call these “grey collar” jobs and at their core they are more skilled occupations than, say, garbage pickup or construction (and absolutely no disrespect to those jobs)—but less technologically advanced than being, say, an engineer at Google.

The 21st-century gray collar worker combines hands-on practical skills with selective white collar technical capabilities. We’re seeing this in manufacturing, in particular. Currently, we are experiencing the positive trend of … continue here

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