The Importance of Upfront Training for New Front Line Supervisors

Posted by Marie Murphy on 4/19/18 9:48 AM

smilingfactorysupervisorThe time to train front line supervisors is now. In a piece published by Industry Today, Penn Foster's Head of Skilled Trades Division, Collin Gutman, explains the crucial need for front line supervisor training. While often selected to supervisor positions given their success as front line employees, Gutman shares how the skills needed by front line employee to supervisor aren't always aligned, making the transition both "bumpy and jarring." 

However, Gutman contends, this does not have to be. Effective front line supervisors can have a tremendously positive impact on the overall success of a company's front line, which makes front line supervisor training imperative. And, contrary to popular belief, there are in fact front line supervisor training programs for industrial settings. Moreover, Gutman shares, there are online, scalable training solutions that can increase a front line supervisor's productivity, effectiveness, and engagement. 

To learn more about the need for tailored front line supervisor training, read the entire article at the link below: 

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Topics: Employers, Frontline Worker, Skilled Trades, workforce training


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