The Top 10 FosterEDU Blog Articles from 2016

Posted by Bliss Parsons on 12/28/16 9:30 AM

Top 10 Chalkboard ImageAs the year draws to a close, we took a look back to review which topics garnered the most interest on FosterEDU this year. In 2016, our readers were eager to learn how to build bridges to connect with millennials in the workplace and how to best serve nontraditional learners. Notable themes included retention of students and employees, innovative education solutions, and how to connect with nontraditional students. The biggest take home point is that it’s critically important to connect with the students and employees you aim to serve in order to understand what their needs are. Thank you for your readership in 2016, and without further ado, here are the top 10 blog posts from this year!

10. 4 Strategies Quick Service Restaurants can Implement to Recruit & Retain Millennials
by Dara Warn

Based on results from the survey, "Millennials: Understanding a Misunderstood Generation" discover 4 strategies quick service restaurants can implement to attract and retain millennials.

9. 4 Ways to Encourage Employees to Stay & Grow at Your Company
by Kevin Bauman

Help your employees see the potential for a long-term career in the retail or quick-service restaurant industries.

8. Attract & Retain Good Employees With Employee Development Programs
by Kate Mosteller

Better-educated employees make for better workers. Learn how offering employee development programs builds a workplace of engaged, motivated employees.

7. Leading Career School Director of Admissions Discusses 4 Challenges Facing Nontraditional Students
by Lauren Mackie

Truitt Taylor, director of admissions at Atlanta's Lincoln Educational Services, discusses challenges as well as some solutions.

6. The Keys to Restaurant Employee Retention, Part 1: Recognition
by Leanne Smith

Employee retention remains a top challenge for restaurants. Learn how focusing on employee recognition is a key first step in a successful retention strategy.

5. 3 Teaching Strategies to Support Students With Varying Learning Styles
by Ray McNulty

Learning styles usually fall into one of three categories: visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Learn how career colleges can support all three.

4. Gratitude and Fortitude: Lessons from Pima Medical Institute’s High School Completion Graduates
by Douglas Carlson

Reflections on gratitude and fortitude from the Pima graduation ceremony.

3. How High School Diploma Programs Support Offender Reentry
by Steve Copacino

Learn how a high school completion program can support inmate reentry programs and create a smooth transition into civilian life.

2. 3 Ways to Foster School Spirit at Your Career College
by Douglas Carlson

Students with high levels of school spirit do better academically and are happier in general. Learn how to foster school spirit at your career college.

1. 3 Innovative Companies Offering Extensive Employee Development Programs
by Kate Mosteller

Employee development programs help motivate and retain employees. Learn about three companies doing employee development right.

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