How Your Career College Can Make a Career in the Skilled Trades More Enticing to Women

Posted by Kate Mosteller on 8/2/16 11:00 AM

Women are drastically underrepresented in the skilled trades, and it’s hurting them financially. Consider these facts:

- Women make up just 4.7 percent of workers in natural resources, construction and maintenance occupations1

- Female underrepresentation in the skilled trades is a major contributor to the fact that women earn less than men2

- In 2014, women earned 79 cents on the dollar compared to what men earned3

Boosting female salaries will require attracting more young women to skilled trade occupations. Here are three ways that career colleges can increase young women's awareness of the opportunities presented by careers in skilled trades.

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OACCS 2016: The Value of a Second Chance

Posted by David Micka on 6/28/16 2:00 PM

A partnership is built by different parties having different traits and coming together to achieve success. We’ve found that our partnership with Penn Foster is building upon that success. On June 3, 2016 I had the privilege to co-present with Penn Foster at the Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools (OACCS) 2016 Spring Workshop on how our partnership has helped our college reach into an untapped pool of potential students, and provide students a second chance to pursue post-secondary education. In Ohio, as in a growing number of other states, students must pass a state regulated exit exam as a final hurdle to obtain their high school diploma. Unfortunately in the Cleveland, OH area there are too many students who have failed that exam and essentially have no other option to pursue education. There is no reason for them to give up on their education any longer.

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Best Blended Learning Practices: What Career Schools Need to Know

Posted by Kevin Bauman on 6/20/16 4:47 PM

In the spirit of “Aligning the Future,” the theme of APSCU’s (now CECU) 2016 Annual Conference on June 6th, Penn Foster joined the conversation by discussing the positive impact on non-traditional learners that  blended learning programs can produce for students. While introducing the findings from the Center for Promise’s latest report on blended learning, we shared some of the best practices organizations have utilized when implementing successful blended approaches on their campuses.

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How We Can Make CTE More Efficient and Effective - Part III, Filling the Middle Skill Jobs of Today and Tomorrow

Posted by Frank Britt on 6/14/16 11:00 AM

For many Americans, “higher education” still means a four-year degree. However, with unemployment hovering around 5.5 percent and with many students graduating from four-year institutions unable to find jobs, our perception of the costs and benefits of education needs to change. Degrees that prepare students for middle-skilled careers are often ignored or rejected, but education leaders need to realize that, as valuable as four-year degrees may be, they are not practical for every student, especially given that these students are saddled with an average of $26,600 of debt overall,1 and $32,700 when graduating from for-profit colleges.2

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Topics: High School Completion, Middle Skills Gap, College Enrollment & Retention

Excel Made Easy: Using Trailing Averages Charts to Quickly Understand Your Business

Posted by Dan Swimm and Taylor Halsted on 6/7/16 11:30 AM

So, you want to make sense of your data -- maybe it’s some daily lead data like we have right here – but the problem is, when you put it on a graph, it just looks like noise. Weekdays and weekends confuse the issue, and confuse our understanding of what’s really going on underneath the surface. Right?

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How We Can Make CTE More Efficient and Effective - Part I

Posted by Frank Britt on 5/17/16 12:49 PM

To date, a lot of good has been done for Career Technical Education (CTE). Lives have been changed and skills have been built, as institutions and dedicated faculty have been well-preparing students for careers in CTE.  In this series, we’ll talk about how to build on the strong foundation of CTE and evolve the system while innovating for the future.

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Help First-Generation Students Succeed With a Soft Start program

Posted by Douglas Carlson on 5/10/16 5:00 PM

Being a first-generation student at a post-secondary school can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. In addition to the pressure of changing their family landscape, first-generation students often lack the support and encouragement that traditional students have. According to The Atlantic, youth who are the first in their families to go to school are much more likely than their peers to drop out before graduation1. Many first-generation students are also balancing families and work obligations along with their studies, making support from their school vital.

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3 Things We’re Looking Forward to at the 2016 Southwest Pathways Conference

Posted by Steve Copacino on 4/28/16 11:30 AM

Next week, Penn Foster will travel to Scottsdale, Arizona to take part in the 2016 Southwest Pathways Conference. The three day event, run by Arizona State University’s Global Pathways Institute, seeks to bring together leading employers, educators, and workforce development experts to discuss the most promising ways to improve college and career readiness among America’s youth. As both a sponsor and a speaker, we are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this year’s conference. Here are the top three sessions we’re looking forward to at the event:

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Three Ways to Make Evening Classes More Appealing to Career College Students

Posted by Garth Fasano on 4/19/16 10:00 AM

College student collaboratingDeciding to dedicate your evenings to college classes is a tough decision that takes strong motivation and commitment — but for nontraditional students with families, jobs and other responsibilities, it’s often the only viable option if they want to pursue post-secondary education. Career college administrators and staff can help make this decision easier by making night classes more appealing to busy non-traditional students.

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5 Growth Programs for Your Career College

Posted by Jim Bittl on 4/12/16 11:00 AM

PayScale recently filtered its College Salary Report data to identify careers in which workers report the highest levels of job satisfaction.1 A significant number of well-paying, meaningful jobs only require a two-year associate's degree. This is good news for career colleges, who can now offer and promote programs of study in these fields and help produce better student outcomes.

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