Why Our Country Must Keep Pushing Forward on Education

Posted by Bliss Parsons on 11/10/16 1:41 PM

Educators, for-purpose organizations, and employers alike have cause to celebrate. America’s high school graduation rate is at a new record high of 83.2%, meaning more young people than ever before will have a better chance of success in today’s job market. Additionally, African American and Latino students are graduating at record rates, and gains for disabled students and students of low-income families were seen as well. Unfortunately, this still means that 16.8% of young people of the traditional high school age are falling through the cracks, and will have an exponentially lower chances of success in their careers over their lifetimes without a high school diploma. What will become of this forgotten 16.8%? What sort of economic implications will this have for our country?

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6 Tips for Fostering Millennial Success: Overcoming the Hype and Misconceptions

Posted by Allessandria Polizzi on 10/26/16 2:23 PM

There have been a lot of articles and opinions on our newest and highly influential employee group, the millennial. From constantly taking selfies to expecting immediate promotions, the discussion about millennials can run the gamut from the informative to the hysterical.

One thing we do know is that this generation cannot be ignored. According to the Council of Economic Affairs (CEA), they are now the largest and most diverse population in the US. 1 As they will soon hold the keys to the workforce, here are six tips to make sure they have the skills they need to be successful:
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Education Technology and the Modern Learner

Posted by Bobby Babbrah on 10/25/16 3:00 PM

Flexibility, flow, and reimagining how we best deliver quality education to millennials.

Technology’s impact is often felt immediately by its users but sometimes—especially in education—technology’s innovations do not necessarily take place in “a moment.” Indeed, over a sustained period of time, technology is inexorably transforming the education landscape. This transformation consists of multiple elements, starting with the makeup of the modern millennial learner, continuing to how learning is evolving due to innovations in technology, and finally to how the educational experience will need to be reimagined to adapt to these changes.

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Celebrating National Vet Tech Week: A Thank You Note to our Partners

Posted by Lauren Mackie on 10/24/16 3:45 PM

Founded in 1993, National Vet Tech Week provides an opportunity to explicitly celebrate the contributions of veterinary technicians each year. Celebrated last week, the 2016 National Vet Tech Week highlighted “Veterinary Nursing in Action,” speaking to the diversity of expertise required of veterinary technicians in the workplace; they are capable of offering nursing care to all manner of species. Although veterinary technicians are valued every day of the year, we joined our partners last week in honoring their commitment to compassionate, high-quality veterinary care for all animals.

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Looking Ahead: Education Trends Projection for 2017

Posted by Bliss Parsons on 10/12/16 10:55 AM

Just like every other sector and industry, the broad field of education has seen a whirlwind of adaptations, innovative advancements, and growing pains over the past few years with the advent of education technology and the modern learner. Schools are working hard to adapt to new standards set by the Department of Education, edtech companies are producing endless new ways to learn, nonprofit organizations continue to find ways to engage the at-risk learner, and employers are banding together to help address the middle skills gap. At Penn Foster, we have the unique perspective of sitting squarely between all of these players. We’ve witnessed myriad transformations within these spaces, as the shape of education continues to evolve to become more accessible and relevant. As we dive into Q4, we thought we’d take a look ahead and share our five projections for the top education trends for the coming year.  

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The Shift: Competency-Based Learning to Take Center Stage at 2016 Close It Summit

Posted by Lauren Mackie on 10/4/16 6:09 PM

This evening marks the kickoff of the 2016 Close It Summit in Dallas, TX hosted by nonprofit Innovate+Educate, a national leader in developing strategies and implementing solutions to address the skills gap! The title of this year’s conference is SHIFT Happens: No Turning Back in reference to the ever-evolving education, training, and hiring space. In particular, the 2016 summit is to be focused on the shift toward competencies and the innovative new changes happening in competency-based education.

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Learning, Technology, and the Workforce: A Discussion with an Industry Leader

Posted by Bliss Parsons on 9/19/16 12:39 PM

I sat down with John Shrader, GM and Executive Vice President at Penn Foster, to pick his brain about the intersections of education, workforce development, and talent management. We discussed implications for the future evolution of these industries alongside the growth of education technology, and why this will change the way we learn and work.

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Church’s Chicken is Serving Up Education to its Team Members with Penn Foster

Posted by Lauren Mackie on 9/13/16 3:37 PM

When we think about the service industry, our first thoughts tend to gravitate toward creating an outstanding customer experience, having consistent processes, and putting the consumer first. However, the concept of serving the employees in the workforce often comes second. In a recent article on RestaurantNews.com, Ed Brett, Chief People Officer at Church’s Chicken, addresses the importance of “service” at the most fundamental level – with the employees in your own organization.

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3 Key Themes from the First Annual Jobs for the Future Summit

Posted by Lauren Mackie on 7/8/16 12:36 AM

Last week, Jobs for the Future, a national nonprofit working to ensure educational and economic opportunity, hosted its first annual summit. Entitled Voices for Opportunity and Economic Mobility, the summit brought together over 650 educators, employers, funders, policymakers, and researchers in conversation and collaboration on how to push forward the initiatives needed to improve economic mobility. The engagement at the panels and workshops of the summit was exceptional and sought to give all members of the educational ecosystem a common language with which to work.  

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Top 3 Highlights from the NSBA 2016 Annual Conference

Posted by Lauren Mackie on 4/20/16 5:17 PM

Last weekend, over 6,000 school board members, superintendents, and school administrators came to Boston, MA to experience the workshops, networking, knowledge sharing and excitement of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) 2016 Annual Conference. At the conference for our second consecutive year, the Penn Foster team proudly attended as both exhibitor and sponsor, having the opportunity to meet with hundreds of new and old faces at the conference. Below, I share with you the top three moments that stood out at this year’s conference.

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