Penn Foster Introduces Common Core Aligned High School Courses

Posted by Lexi Britt on 7/19/16 2:00 PM

Penn Foster is proud to introduce a suite of Common Core aligned curriculum into our single high school course offerings. With these courses, youth organizations, employers, and secondary school partners will be able to further prepare students for post-secondary success by promoting deeper learning, critical thinking, and problem solving. The introduction of these common core courses is aimed at improving student outcomes both during their time with Penn Foster and in their endeavors afterwards.

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Topics: High School Completion, Public & Private High Schools

5 Must-Have Elements for a Successful High School Reentry Program

Posted by Ray McNulty on 6/23/16 11:00 AM

Seven percent of American youth between the ages of 16 and 24 were not in school and had not earned a high school diploma or the equivalent as of 2013, according to the latest data available from the National Center for Education Statistics.1 To assist these young people, many school districts are offering high school reentry programs. Dr. Julia Wilkins, who specializes in helping youth with disabilities complete high school, studied the characteristics of a successful high school reentry program and summarized them in a report titled, “Reentry Programs for Out-of-School Youth With Disabilities.”2 Here are five elements your high school reentry program should have to maximize student success:

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Topics: High School Completion, Public & Private High Schools

How to Keep High School Students Motivated & Engaged Until the End of the Year

Posted by Ray McNulty on 6/9/16 11:00 AM

Keeping students motivated as the end of the school year approaches is notoriously challenging. There’s even a quasi-official term for it when it happens during their senior year: "senioritis." Seniors may experience end-of-the-year apathy more intensely than other students, but all grade levels face the same issue and pose the same challenge to educators.

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Topics: High School Completion, Public & Private High Schools

How We Can Make CTE More Efficient and Effective, Part II: CTE at the High School Level

Posted by Frank Britt on 5/31/16 11:12 AM

Employment-focused education for “middle-skill” occupations is becoming increasingly relevant. More than 850,000 K-12 students in the U.S. are classified as “vocational,” which encompasses CTE fields and makes up just around 2% of total students. The cost to educate these students is nearly $14,000 or 20-40% greater than that of traditional academic instruction. In recent years, approximately $13 billion has been spent annually by federal, state and local governments to support youth-focused vocational education systems across the U.S., with federal funding constituting only about 4-8% percent of all state and local spending.1 This is in addition to the $16 billion post-high school trade and technical school-industry.

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Topics: High School Completion, Middle Skills Gap, Public & Private High Schools

2016 Southwest Pathways Conference: Positioning Opportunity Youth for Educational and Career Success

Posted by Jeff Bentley on 5/12/16 2:30 PM

Welcome to my inaugural blog post for Penn Foster! Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the  excellent and informative 2016 Southwest Pathways Conference. It was the 2nd annual conference hosted by the Global Pathways Institute that focuses on collaboration between educators, workforce development, and industry to provide young people, especially those disconnected from both school and work, the necessary tools to lead productive and successful lives.

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Topics: Penn Foster News & Events, Opportunity Youth, Youth Organizations, Public & Private High Schools, Employers

Top 3 Highlights from the NSBA 2016 Annual Conference

Posted by Lauren Mackie on 4/20/16 5:17 PM

Last weekend, over 6,000 school board members, superintendents, and school administrators came to Boston, MA to experience the workshops, networking, knowledge sharing and excitement of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) 2016 Annual Conference. At the conference for our second consecutive year, the Penn Foster team proudly attended as both exhibitor and sponsor, having the opportunity to meet with hundreds of new and old faces at the conference. Below, I share with you the top three moments that stood out at this year’s conference.

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Topics: Industry News, Public & Private High Schools

Learn How to Serve At-Risk Students in a New Way at NSBA 2016

Posted by Lauren Mackie on 4/6/16 1:00 PM

For the second year in a row, Penn Foster is excited to be returning to the National School Boards Association (NSBA) Annual Conference this weekend! Hosted in Boston, MA the conference brings together more than 7,000 school board members, superintendents, and education leaders from across the country to share new ideas and best practices on technology, leadership and supporting student achievement in the education.

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Topics: Dropout Crisis, Public & Private High Schools

3 Teaching Strategies to Support Students With Varying Learning Styles

Posted by Ray McNulty on 3/1/16 10:00 AM

In life no two people are the same: they support different teams in sports, like different foods, and even identical twins have differences. So when it comes to learning, “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t work! According to Neil Fleming's Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic model,1 most people have a dominant learning style that falls into one of three categories:

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Topics: High School Completion, College Enrollment & Retention, Public & Private High Schools, Colleges & Career Schools

How Educators Can Leverage Social Media

Posted by Bliss Parsons on 2/24/16 10:00 AM

The world connects, shares, laughs, and learns on social media. Why shouldn’t educators be a part of the conversation? Some are, but more could benefit. When leveraged correctly, several popular social media platforms can be wonderful educational tools for enhancing student engagement and performance, and can even be used for establishing program credibility and thought leadership for education professionals. Learn how two of the most well-known social media platforms can help you augment student outcomes, and how to apply these tools in your everyday work.

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Topics: High School Completion, College Enrollment & Retention, Public & Private High Schools, Colleges & Career Schools

How Educators Can Empower Students to Enable Positive Outcomes

Posted by Ray McNulty on 2/16/16 11:00 AM

Historically, classroom material has been designed to be taught by a teacher, not to be self-taught by the student. However, since students are capable of learning and contributing so much more to their educational experience than just passively memorizing and regurgitating material, the role of the educator is changing. This article dives into three core pillars of student empowerment and how educators can leverage these pillars to work in tandem with students to enable greater outcomes.

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Topics: High School Completion, College Enrollment & Retention, Public & Private High Schools, Colleges & Career Schools


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